The following demonstration pages are a prototype for a series of trekking guides, which will begin with the Alps. They present a popular region of the French Alps called the Vanoise (van wahz).

The content being provided includes route and place descriptions, photographs and technical walking data. This content is presented through a variety of map interfaces designed to support specific objectives.

This page locates the area of interest on the earth. It features a hillshade relief map of France, hilighting the location of the Vanoise.
This page isolates the Vanoise region, and presents three possible treks. It is another hillshade relief map, and presents just enough detail to further orient the reader and summarize the content scope. In a full implementation, it would serve as an index to individual treks.
This page is a structured, day-by-day guide to an individual trek. It employs a subdued color relief map (draggable) to impart a sense of terrain and geographic features without overwhelming detail. All available content is accessable through interaction with the map.
This page features a hillshade relief tile set integrated with standard Google Maps to allow an unstructured exploration of the subject area and potential hiking routes.